The phrase green burial implies all sorts of connotations and possible ‘green washing’ that we will steer clear of at Embraced by Earth. So we choose to use natural burial instead. But as you might guess, most folks consider the two phrases interchangeable. As I have heard Josh Slocum, Executive Director of the Funeral Consumer’s Alliance say a number of times during his presentations:

The greenest burial is the one where you buy the least stuff.

Enough said. But if you are scratching your head, wondering what is this about exactly? Here’s a factual starting place for getting a grasp on the concept, from Wikipedia.

You may also find answers to your questions about green burial in this recent article from the New York Times. Or in this opinion piece, you’ll find a chewier thought provoking article.

A more ‘local to Arizona’ story, albeit a bit older, offers some perspective about what is happening in this region.

The Green Burial Council offers an abundance of information on their website, including a map for finding service providers in the United States. And the Funeral Consumer’s Alliance has a helpful page about green burial as an environmentally friendly choice.